HERE Maps APIs for JavaScript

  1. What is the HERE Maps API for JavaScript?

    The HERE Maps API for JavaScript offers developers an extensive set of HERE Map features and services to integrate into their web applications.

  2. What is different with the new HERE Maps API for JavaScript 3.0? How is it different than the previous version?

    The new version 3.0 is completely redesigned. It combines all HERE Platform backend capabilities in one single API. It replaces both the previous JavaScript API and the Enterprise JavaScript Api.

    The functional highlights of the new version are:

    •          Single development for multiple screens and devices
    •          API Performance optimized for latest mobile and desktop technologies
    •          Full integration of Street Level imagery for immersive map experiences
    •          Venue maps functionality planned for next release
    •          Modular and flexible API design for optimum usage of features/API components in any applications

  3. Where can I find examples of the APIs in action?

    Examples of the HERE Maps API for JavaScript can be found in the interactive JavaScript API Explorer.

  4. What mobile OS and browsers do the new HERE Maps API for JavaScript 3.0 support?

    The HERE Map API for JavaScript 3.0 is optimized for the usage on mobile devices. It supports mobile browser like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox on IOS, Android as well as Windows Phone 8+. Details about the supported versions can be found in the documentation.

HERE Maps RESTful Web Services

  1. Where can I find examples of the HERE Maps RESTful Web Services in action?

    Examples of the HERE Maps RESTful Web Services supporting B2C or consumer use cases for web can be found in the interactive REST API Explorer.

    Examples of the HERE Maps Enterprise RESTful Web Services supporting B2B or enterprise use cases can be found in the Enterprise API Explorer.

Developer Support

  1. Is there technical support? If so, which kind of support is provided?

    Specific questions on the use of the HERE Maps API can be asked on Stack Overflow. The HERE Maps API team actively monitors and responds to programming questions asked there regarding these APIs. We encourage all developers to share their knowledge by answering and asking questions in the here-location-api tag. For more information, see: About Stack Overflow and How to ask a good question on Stack Overflow.

  2. I think I have discovered a bug. How do I report it?

    The HERE Maps API stack overflow channel allows developers to determine if an issue has already been identified/reported and is currently being worked on by the HERE Maps API team. If you cannot find information about an issue there, you may report a new bug report by emailing us at We encourage all developers to provide as much detail as possible on each bug/issue identified, including:

    • Screenshots or other images
    • Hardware: DESKTOP | MOBILE | BOTH <target hardware(s)>
    • OS Version: WIN 8| MAC O/S | IPAD | IPHONE <operating system(s) the bug appeared on>
    • Browser and Version: IE | FIREFOX | CHROME | SAFARI <browser(s) the bug appeared on>
    • Steps to reproduce: (example code | instructions) <code, instructions - even when the  behavior does not occur every time or has only occurred once>
    • Actual Results: (current output) <what has actually happened>
    • Expected behavior: <what was expected to have happened>
    • Other details: <anything else that is relevant to the incident>

Licensing and Terms

  1. What licensing options are available for the HERE Maps APIs?

    Three licensing options are available for the HERE Maps APIs:

    1. Base – Free monthly access to basic Maps, Directions and Places functionality for use on both commercial and non-commercial websites, subject to maximum daily usage limits. Only applicable for consumer-facing applications, i.e., applications where the end customers are business users are explicitly excluded.
    2. Evaluation – 90-day license limited to non-commercial , internal evaluation of full-feature set.
    3. Commercial (Paid) – Full-featured solutions that meet your volume requirements and include SLA. 

    For more information on our licensing options or to get started now, click here.

  2. What Service Level Agreement (SLA) do you offer?

    Service Level Agreements are provided to commercial licensees of paid plans (i.e., not Base) and include a targeted monthly availability of 99.9%.

  3. I'm an independent developer and just want to test out the APIs. What do I need to do?

    The Base and Evaluation licensing options are the best choice for testing and evaluating the HERE Maps APIs. To learn more about these options or to get started click here.

  4. Can I evaluate more than one solution, e.g., Geocoding and Mobile Asset Management?

    Yes, each user account permits evaluation of multiple solutions or use cases. To do so, a new application needs to be created for each particular solution or use case that needs to be evaluated. Each solution can be evaluated for free for 90 days from the time it was created.

  5. Can I display results from HERE Platform APIs on non-HERE maps, e.g., display restaurants returned by the HERE Places API on a Google map?

    No, in order to preserve the quality and integrity of the HERE-powered user experience, you may not commingle¹ results from HERE APIs with maps from other providers. An exception to this policy is the display of HERE geocoding results provided by HERE Platform APIs on non-HERE maps for the licensee or sub-licensee's internal usage, i.e. the display shall not happen on an external/end-user facing website or app.

    ¹Commingling refers to substituting, appending or supplementing HERE Offerings with non-HERE Offerings or vice-versa.

  6. Can I display results from HERE Platform APIs standalone from an underlying map or other imagery, e.g., return a list of restaurants from the Places API as text that is not a map?

    Yes, you may display results from HERE Platform APIs independent of an underlying map or other imagery.

  7. Can I launch an application for commercial use using an Evaluation License?

    No, launching a commercial application using evaluation credentials is not permitted. To upgrade an account and use HERE services in a commercial environment, please click the Contact Us button. A HERE representative will contact you to discuss your licensing options and get you started.

  8. I would like to build mapping functionality into my public-facing commercial OR non-commercial website. All access is free and I make no money from this site. Can I use the APIs for free?

    Yes, free access to HERE Maps APIs for both public-facing commercial and non-commercial websites is possible with the Base plan, as long as the website activity is within the usage limits of the plan. An upgrade to the licensing plan is required if usage limit are exceeded.

  9. I run a website/mobile app that makes money by providing additional premium content to subscribers. Do the usage rights for the APIs differ between the free and paid versions of my website/mobile app?

    No. Both the Base and commercial (paid) licensing options may be used for customer-facing applications, either commercial or non-commercial.

  10. I will monetize my mobile app by selling it through an app store or other transactions. Can I use the Base licensing option?

    Yes, the Base licensing option can be used to create an app that will be monetized through an app store or other similar transactions.

  11. Will HERE advertise through the APIs, and how will this work?

    HERE reserves the right to include advertising within the results provided through the HERE Platform. 

  12. Can I include advertising in my website/mobile apps that use HERE APIs?

    No. HERE reserves the right to include advertising within the results provided through the HERE Platform. 

  13. I am a third-party developer who wants to develop multiple applications/websites for different customers. Can I use the same app_id?

    No, the same app_id cannot be used across multiple third-party implementations. Each application and business customer requires a separate app_id. 

  14. Is it possible to track the usage that my app is generating?

    Yes, our integrated developer dashboard allows you to track the usage your app is generating. At this time data is presented to the application console with a 3-day delay.

API Access Control

  1. How do you control access to Location APIs? Do I need to take any special precautions?

    HERE APIs use two random strings, app_id and app_code, to provide secure access to their services.

    HERE APIs use a combination of app_id and app_code to uniquely identify a user, an application, and to track usage for an application.

    app_id - Uniquely identifies your application.

    app_code – Is used in the authentication process to identify a session.

    Please note that the app_ids and app_codes generated for Evaluation only will expire 90 days from issuance.

  2. How do I generate an app_id and app_code for my application?

    To generate an app_id and app_code for an application, you need to sign in to view your application dashboard. Once there, click on the Create Application button and follow the steps to create a new application.

    Once a new application is create, an app_id and app_code is automatically generated for your particular application.

  3. Can I share app_id or app_code with other applications?

    No, each application you develop requires a separate app_id and app_code.