Evaluate HERE Platform solutions free for 90 days for non-commercial use.

Solutions for evaluation:

  • Web Experiences
  • Mobile Asset Management
  • Business Mapping
  • Geocoder
  • Business Locator

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Free access to a set of Web APIs subject to maximum daily usage limit

  • Available for consumer facing apps or websites
  • Apps could be commercial or non-commercial

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Features and limits

  • Unlimited for 2D Map Tiles
  • 2,500 per day for 2D Static Map Images
  • 2D Maps Tiles
  • 2D Static Map Images
Directions 2,500/day
  • Vehicle Routing
  • Pedestrian Routing
  • Estimated Transit Routing
Places & Geocoding 2,500/day
  • Search and Discovery
  • Places information, enrichment and interactions
  • Geocoding
  • Reverse Geocoding

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