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Introduction to HERE Mobile SDKs

HERE Mobile SDK provides a set of programming interfaces that enable developers to build immersive native applications by leveraging a powerful and flexible mapping platform. Through these APIs, developers can add rich location features such as routing, interactive maps, and searching a global Place database to their applications. The powerful client-side HERE Mobile SDK also includes a sophisticated engine for rendering map data and route calculation. In addition to downloading map data dynamically as needed, it also supports offline maps through use of previously cached map data or previously downloaded map packages.

Vector Maps

The HERE SDK delivers vector-based map data, in contrast to most mapping SDKs that only provide APIs to display map data using raster tiles. Vector map data used by the HERE SDK consists of many data layers that are rendered based on rules describing what to display and how to display it. This enables use cases typically not possible with raster tiles, such as:

  • Dynamically altering the look and style of the map (for example: changing to night mode) without downloading new map data
  • Zooming the map smoothly rather than in discrete zoom steps
  • Rotating the map while maintaining correct label and icon orientation
  • Tilting the map to show textured 3D landmarks

Vector map data requires significantly less storage space than raster map tiles, enabling map data to be downloaded for offline use. The result is a powerful hybrid solution where map data can be downloaded over a wireless data connection as needed, or maps for countries and regions can be preloaded for later use, eliminating the need for an always-present wireless data connection. The HERE Mobile SDKs use vector data for all normal maps, raster tiles are used when satellite, terrain, and custom maps are being displayed.

Feature List

The main features offered by HERE Mobile SDKs are:


  • Dynamically download vector maps for more than 190 countries in over 50 languages
  • Preload maps for offline usage
  • Map styles: normal street map, satellite map, transit map, and more
  • Textured 3D landmarks
  • Street level imagery
  • Touch gestures (including pan, flick, pinch zoom, rotate, and tilt)
  • Overlay objects on the map such as polylines, polygons, icons, and routes
  • Overlay 3D map objects
  • Overlay custom raster tiles on the map (for example, to display heat maps)
  • Ability to render raster tiles and map objects interleaved within different map layers
  • Venue maps
  • Show real-time traffic flow and incidents
  • 3D Buildings
  • Traffic and transit object interaction


  • Search through a broad set of geographical content and categorized places across the globe
  • Search for a specific place or explore by categories
  • Get rich details for a Point of Interest (including images, ratings, reviews, and editorials)
  • Perform geocoding and reverse geocoding lookups
  • Offline places search, offline geocoding/reverse geocoding lookups


  • Offline geocoding/reverse geocoding lookups

LiveSight (Augmented Reality)

  • Track position of device in space and animate view accordingly
  • Seamless transitions from Map to LiveSight and back again
  • Gesture support allows the user to interact with content, custom gestures can also be defined
  • Content transitions and interaction are animated using hardware acceleration
  • "Radar" UI support, which provides the user with more context regarding their position relative to content
  • Highly configurable LiveSight engine allows the user experience to be customized


  • Get driving or pedestrian directions
  • Public Transit directions
  • Specify preferred route type (fastest/shortest) and attributes to avoid (toll roads, motorways, parks, and more)
  • Alternate routes
  • Offline route calculation
  • Driving directions that take traffic into account
  • Traffic flow and incidents
  • Traffic enabled routing


  • Online and offline turn-by-turn navigation
  • Natural-sounding guidance instructions, such as "turn left at the gas station" and "at the next light, turn right"
  • Audio or text-to-speech voices
  • Approximate user coordinates to the nearest road or navigation route
  • Approximate user tunnel position, even when there is no GPS signal
  • Dynamic information including signposts, the driver's current street lane, and speed

Platform Availability

HERE Mobile SDK is available on Android and iOS platforms for Business and Mobile OEM customers, the HERE Mobile SDK on Tizen is exclusively licensed to Mobile OEMs. For more information or to receive access to the HERE Mobile SDK please contact us.