Native SDKs

Native SDKs bring the power of HERE Maps to native applications across multiple platforms.

Native SDKs to create amazing and differentiated experiences for specific mobile environments

Mobile SDKs for Business

HERE Mobile SDKs for Business enable development of native applications while leveraging the capabilities of the powerful and flexible HERE Platform. Available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms, HERE Mobile SDKs are built on the same set of HERE Platform services which allows for a fast and easy cross-platform development of applications.

HERE Mobile SDK for OEM

The HERE Mobile SDK for OEM on Android is an offer for OEM customers only. Developers can access the HERE platform functionalities through OEMs when they become available.

Windows Phone SDK

Download the Windows Phone SDK with integrated support for the world's most advanced loation platform.

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Nokia Asha SDK 1.0

Bring world's best maps and location experiences to millions of consumers globally with our Map APIs for Nokia Asha SDK 1.0

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Tizen SDK

Build Tizen applications powered by HERE Maps using comprehensive set of tools provided by the Tizen SDK. 

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Get Inspired

Lumia App Lab - Maps and location API's for Windows Phone

Learn how to use the location-related capabilities of Nokia Lumia hardware, Windows Phone Location APIs, and the HERE location platform, including HERE Maps, HERE Drive, and HERE Transit.

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Nokia Asha webinar: Build great UIs with LWUIT for Nokia Asha software platform 1.0

A webinar introducing the Lightweight User Interface Toolkit (LWUIT) optimized for Nokia Asha software platform 1.0.

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