Location for Developers

APIs and SDKs for maps and location-aware web and mobile apps


Fresh, highly accurate global maps

Add the power of HERE maps to your apps. Start with the base map, choose a display type, add polygons, labels, venues and custom markers, delivered as static or interactive experiences.

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Routing and Navigation

Getting people and things from A to Z

Walk, bike, car, transit, and truck routing and turn-by-turn navigation using real-time and historical traffic information. Solve complex logistics challenges with isoline and matrix routing.

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HERE XYZ Hub & Studio

Map making and location data management

A cloud-based real-time location data management service to create web maps from your geospatial or open data. Store, edit and publish geospatial data leveraging convenient tools for any level of technical ability - from XYZ Studio to the HERE CLI or directly using XYZ Hub API.

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Fleet Telematics

Advanced location algorithms for fleet management

Solve complex location problems with advanced routing algorithms and out-of-the-boxes features like geofencing, matching GPS traces to a road network, changing geometries and restrictions for a particular road, and more.

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SDKs and APIs for embedded and mobile navigation solutions

Build embedded and mobile navigation solutions with HERE Automotive SDKs and APIs. Bring cloud-based services together with connected navigation systems using REST APIs. Develop connected ADAS and autonomous driving technologies that offer high-definition, lane-level information for precise vehicle localization.

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Location Data Processing

Accelerate the development of location-based products and services

The HERE Open Location Platform (OLP) has everything you need for location-based development in a single system. Enrich your data with highly accurate location content. Transform your data quickly using built-in location processors and services. Create map-based visualizations, analyze and perform machine learning with easy-to-use tools

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Advertising Data Services

Bring real-world context into your location signals

HERE Advertising Data Services is a REST API that enriches geo-coordinates with a smart location context to enable audience segmentation, campaign attribution, content personalization and analytics use cases.

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The simplest way to bring location and IoT together

HERE Tracking is a reliable, hardware-agnostic, secure IoT location solution with global reach. With HERE Tracking, trackers and devices can seamlessly switch between indoors and outdoors. The technology uses Wi-Fi, BLE beacons and cellular signals and works in places that GPS can’t touch.

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Indoor Positioning

Make any application location-aware indoors

Fast and accurate positioning inside buildings utilizing Wi-Fi access points and BLE beacons. Can also determine which floor you are on for a full 3D experience. HERE Indoor Positioning simplifies journeys by providing seamless outdoor to indoor experience.

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