Hands On

How to Create an Image Overlay on a Map

By Richard Süselbeck | 19 October 2020

Today’s blog post is a quick tutorial on how to add an image overlay to a map with the HERE Maps API for JavaScript. This is a quick three step process, so let’s get started!


Enter the HERE Map Data Hackathon

By Christo Mitov | 14 October 2020

While most people probably think of maps as a reference, we at HERE think of them as tools, and are always working to develop new ways to make maps and location data more helpful to everybody who might need them. But we can’t do that alone, and have empowered our developer ecosystem to build specific solutions for the issues and communities they care most about.

Hands On

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By Laura Callahan | 30 September 2020
Hands On

Render HERE Map in IBM Node RED - Part 2

By Vidhan Bhonsle | 25 September 2020