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Reverse Geocoding a location using Golang

By Vidhan Bhonsle | 25 February 2021

Across the globe and for a variety of business reasons, billions of devices are collecting GPS data. That data is usually a set of unique numbers representing geographic coordinates of a location. These numbers are known as latitude and longitude and they each represent a specific point, somewhere on earth. To make more sense of it, we need to resolve it into the closest street address. In order to do exactly this, we use the reverse Geocode endpoint of the HERE Geocoding and Search API.

HERE Developer Offerings for the Non-Developer

By Raymond Camden | 25 February 2021

HERE has an incredibly powerful set of tools for developers, but what if you’re not a developer, or just not very familiar with developer terms? Well, with you in mind, we’re presenting an overview of our developer offerings, specifically written for non-developers.

Oh the places you'll go (and how you get there...)

By Raymond Camden | 17 February 2021
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January 2021 Release Notes

By Raymond Camden | 12 February 2021
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How to Add a Trusted Domain

By Michael Palermo | 09 February 2021

Working with Tour Planning

By Raymond Camden | 08 February 2021
Hands On

Rendering HERE map using Golang

By Vidhan Bhonsle | 03 February 2021