Hands On

Reverse Geocoding NEO 6M GPS Positions with Golang and a Serial UART Connection

By Nic Raboy | 16 May 2019

A while back you might have come across a tutorial I wrote titled, Reverse Geocoding Coordinates to Addresses with the Go Programming Language. This tutorial was useful, but we used static data to represent our latitude and longitude positions. In a realistic scenario we probably want to get coordinate information from a GPS module or similar and then use that real-time data to make reverse geocoding requests.


How to Render a Map of San Diego's Smart City Streetlights with HERE XYZ, Python and Tangram

By Jayson DeLancey | 14 May 2019

It can be hard to get your head around how immense an IoT network deployment is without a map, especially for Smart Cities.  Using HERE XYZ to visualize infrastructure at a city level makes a world of difference.  Let's look at how to do that, first fetching and scrubbing data with Python and then using HERE XYZ with Tangram and a bit of JavaScript to render a web map like the one shown.