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Integrating GeoJSON in Your Static Sites

By Raymond Camden | 04 November 2019

Honestly I worry that readers may be a bit bored with how much I'm talking about GeoJSON (be sure to see my introduction to the topic and then my follow up). I mean, it's just a JSON flavor so is it really that interesting? But what I find so interesting about GeoJSON is how much it's format lets you do fun stuff with your data. Knowing you always have location available means you can plot your data (of course!) but also do sorting by distance, filtering to a certain distance, routing, and more.

Using Geocode API in Azure

By Michael Palermo | 31 October 2019

Developers targeting the Azure Platform can easily create their own serverless functions to provide location services. This is possible by using HERE location services for the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. There are three Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates to simplify the integration of our REST services as Azure functions. The following templates are available, and this post will focus on the first:


October 2019 Release Notes

By Raymond Camden | 23 October 2019

Create Your Own Map Image Microservice

By Michael Palermo | 17 October 2019