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Develop a Cross-Platform Desktop Maps Application with Electron, Vue.js, and HERE

By Nic Raboy | 13 November 2018

Have you ever wanted to build your own desktop application for working with maps, similar to how Apple Maps functions on macOS? How about building a mapping application that works cross-platform and not just for macOS, all while using much more reliable maps? All of this can be accomplished with JavaScript, Electron, and HERE!

Release Notes

November 2018 Release Highlights

By Denis Panov | 12 November 2018

All services receive content updates weekly, but we will call out a few noteworthy highlights related to the following services: Fleet Telematics, Geovisualization, Routing, and HERE XYZ. There were minor updates and fixes across many other services which were related to regular maintenance releases.

Hands on

How To Migrate KML to HERE Maps

By Jayson DeLancey | 03 November 2018

November Event Radar

By Melodi Kaya | 01 November 2018