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Collect Forecast Information with Angular and the HERE Weather API

By Nic Raboy | 24 September 2018

Knowing weather conditions for cities or coordinate based locations could be very important for your business. Imagine you’re operating a fleet of vehicles scheduled to perform activity at a certain location. If there are severe weather conditions, you know it can affect productivity or create safety concerns. Being able to gather forecast information programmatically opens the door to optimizing or automating different business scenarios.

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Developing a Cross-Platform Desktop Maps Application with Electron, Angular, and HERE

By Nic Raboy | 21 September 2018

I have a Mac and every once in a while I use the Apple Maps Desktop application. There are potentially a few problems with the Apple Maps application, for example, it only works on Mac and not Windows or Linux. Also, the maps could be using a more reliable and trusted solution like HERE. This is where Electron and the HERE JavaScript APIs can make an impact.

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Pub Crawl with HERE

By Shruti Kuber | 12 September 2018