Hands On

Highlight Regions of a Map with Angular and a Reverse Geocoder

By Nic Raboy | 11 July 2019

I recently read a tutorial by Richard Süselbeck titled, How to Get the Shape of an Area Using the HERE Geocoder API, which demonstrated using the reverse geocoder to highlight certain areas on a map. I found this particularly interesting because all I had ever thought of the HERE Reverse Geocoder API was a means to find addresses from latitude and longitude positions, not shapes or regions.

Hands On

Explore Custom Locations With the HERE Fleet Telematics APIs — Part II

By Shruti Kuber | 08 July 2019

In Part I of our tutorial, we learnt how to add private warehouses to a map. No one else has access to them except you. But do you really have access to them? Let's explore how to get to these custom locations further.