100 Days of Code With HERE

By Shruti Kuber | 30 March 2020

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An amazing way to learn a new skill is to learn a little bit of it , every day. We at HERE Technologies want you to get acquainted with location technology through map APIs provided by us by launching 100 Days Of Code with HERE

Starting from the 1st of April 2020, we will post 1 task on our twitter handle @heredev every day for 100 days. In solving the tasks, you will be using the HERE JavaScript and REST APIs found at developer.here.com. The Documentation section will help you find the solutions. Feel free to tweet your solutions back at us with the tags #100DaysOfCode and #100DaysOfCodeWithHERE.
We will also provide you the solutions in various forms:

  • Preview video on twitter with solution to the previous day task
  • Blogpost with solutions for 5 days of tasks on our developer blogs
  • Video tutorial with solutions for 5 days of tasks on YouTube

If you have any questions during the 100 Days, feel free to dm us , post your questions on our developer blogs and YouTube videos or post the question on our slack channel
Happy coding with 100DaysOfCode!