All I want for Christmas is an XYZ Release!

By Raymond Camden | 20 December 2019

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I know what you're thinking. What would be the best, most excellent, and incredibly useful gift this Christmas? How about a new XYZ release? Yes! That's what I was thinking too! You're my new best friend. Not only do we have a new Studio release for you, we've updated the CLI too. Let's unwrap these gifts and get right to it!

HERE XYZ Studio 1.6.0

First up is our updates to XYZ Studio. To start with, we've made it easier to hide properties in cards. Previously you had to do this in the data editor, but you can now do it directly in the "Cards" interface:


Note that you won't see the "eye" icon until you mouse over the particular field. Click once to hide and once again to make it visible again.

The next change is to the Viewer. We've added the "Places" search box in the upper right hand corner:


If you're not familiar with this feature, the Places search returns points of interest on the map, like cities, important buildings, and so forth.

The Viewer was also updated with two minor UI changes. First, you display the description of your project:


Next is a label that's been added to the card title. If you aren't sure what the "title" of a card is, this is simply the first property you display for your cards. The label now gives some context as to what the actual value represents. You can see it highlighted below.


Finally, the Data Hub now has a "Copy" icon for the space ID. I really like this since typo-ing space IDs is like my superpower.


Oh, did I say "Finally" - because if so I lied. We've also added a festive holiday theme to XYZ Studio that you need to see for yourself!

HERE XYZ CLI 1.1.0 and 1.1.1

For our CLI we have not one but two updates. Here's the release notes:

HERE CLI v1.1.0

• We now echo the space ID after an upload finishes, making it easier to find and copy
• Upload progress is less chatty, with percentage updated on the same line
• While uploading a CSV, if a row does not have any coordinates, we assign it a null geometry and tag it as null_island (meaning you can use tags to access and repair these records)
• Lots of streaming enhancements
• More reliable shapefile conversion and reprojection
• Custom delimiters were breaking streaming (so we fixed that, duh)
• Property-based tags are now only written as property@value
🕴🕴🕴XYZ Pro🕴🕴🕴
• config is more useful and powerful
• The tagrules and searchable commands have been moved under config
• More useful titles and descriptions of Virtual Spaces
⬢⬡⬢ Hexbins⬢⬡⬢
• More reliable hexbinning of large spaces (>10 GB)
• You can now hexbin down to zoom 17-18 (useful for aggregating road / probe data)
• Better structuring of objects (property names are added to subcounts)
• Fixing issues when existing hexbin spacse belongs to another user, or if spaces are shared
• Better bbox support, especially with negative lats/lons
• Nicer table formatting

HERE CLI v1.1.1

🗝🗝🗝 This minor release contains enhancements involving tokens and authentication. 🔑🔑🔑
• Added support for Location Services API Key authentication.
• Added server side hexbin clustering capability to tokens generated when viewing space on web via CLI.
• Support for changes in the Hub API.


You can update your current installation by simply running npm install -g @here/cli. When done you can run here -V to confirm.