Announcing the winners for the “City Command with Maps and Location info Hackathon”

By Vidhan Bhonsle | 03 October 2021

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We are extremely happy to announce the winners of the “City command with Maps and Location info” Hackathon that was launched in August 2021. The hackathon was made possible with the constant support received from NEC and Mitsubishi Corporation India. 

The aim of the hackathon was primarily to help tackle various problems that occur in the cities of India. Problems related to traffic accidents, crimes, diseases, fires, flooding due to leaks and heavy rains, road closures due to construction, and various other emergencies.  

All the participants had to come up with solutions for such problems with the help of a command control center, where all the data is collected and distributed, including location data and maps.  

In this 7 weeks grueling Hackathon we received a large number of interesting, creative, and innovative solutions from India to tackle all the different problems.  

So without any further delay here are the winners of the 2021 “City command with Maps and Location info” Hackathon. 

1St place (Winner) 

Lord’s Eye 

The winner in 2021 is the application, Lord’s Eye. 

This application helps users to be safe while traveling. This is achieved by getting real-time notifications about unsafe zones. Wherein commuters can create, rate, and share ideas about unsafe zones using the easy-to-use mobile application.  

The app also includes features like Route Optimization for premium users. This enables the user to find the best and safest way to travel from the source to the destination. It also has the capacity to Identify High Pollution zones - Area wise (Traffic, less greenery, sensors, data sources from gov. on air quality level, petrol, and diesel).  

Furthermore, it can identify Flooding Areas by analyzing weather reports to grant users the freedom to create and find suspicious/unsafe zones, so that other drivers and citizens can be alerted beforehand. 

This app is built over dynamic Geo-fence Technology for notification on unsafe and accident-prone zones.


You can check out the project page here and also explore the project on GitHub.  

2nd Place (First Runner Up) 

E-asy Connect 


The second place this year goes to the app, E-asy connect. This app is primarily created as a web-based platform to connect NGOs for collecting leftover food from hotels, restaurants, events, and willing donors.  

The food is then distributed to the people in need at multiple locations.  

A donor can simply log in and fill in the information to donate food. Once the information is submitted, it is then transferred to the NGOs, where they can log in to the portal and see the locations and list of all the donors.  

Lastly, the portal can also be used in disaster situations by prompting NGOs for help. Simply by receiving distress messages on the portal. 

You can check the web page here. 


3rd place (Second Runner Up) 

MPS Maps 

MPS MAPS is a React JS-based web application that uses state-of-the-art MERN Stack and APIs to help users get the required online resources fast, in emergency situations.   

It acts as a command center where the information is gathered and redistributed in a contextual manner. 


It has different sections like maps, emergency, and traffic to tackle any disaster.  

For example, in the emergency tab, you can report an accident, find the nearest hospital and send the location of the accident to the command center for help.  

You can explore more on this project on GitHub. 

We thank everyone for participating and making this a memorable event. Finally, we would like to congratulate all the winners again on their win and wish them the best for all their future endeavors. We hope that City Command with Maps and Location info Hackathon, 2021 was an enjoyable experience for all.