Bringing the power of the HERE Location Suite to China

By Mithun T. Dhar | 01 March 2019

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Our ongoing dedication to enhancing our offering and providing a consistent global offering to our developer community is now extended to China. We’re excited to announce a crucial milestone with the  launch of the HERE Location Services and Mobile SDK in China.

As an extension of our longstanding partnership with Chinese mapping company NavInfo, we now offer you an even more seamless global mapping experience that expands to China through our HERE Location Suite available through pour developer portal.

One of the world's biggest economies, China accounts for a third of global vehicle and smartphone volumes. Starting today, developers building global or regional applications can use HERE’s APIs to access location technologies and maps for China. To access available location features and function for China developers need to use separate service URLs and credentials specific for these services. These include the following:

  • Mapping:
    • China map coverage
    • Map rendering
    • 3D maps
  • Routing
    • Traffic-enabled routing
    • Vehicle routing
    • Pedestrian routing
    • Bicycle routing
    • Public transit routing
  • Traffic
    • Traffic tiles for incidents, real-time and
    • Traffic flow data
    • Traffic flow availability
  • Transit
    • Station search
    • Coverage information
    • Public transit routing with Pedestrian Connectivity & Pedestrian Routing
  • Geocoding
    • Forward geocoding and reverse-geocoding
    • Offline geocoding
  • Places
    • POI search
    • Places discovery
    • Places description
  • Navigation
    • Hybrid and offline navigation
    • Vehicle navigation
    • Pedestrian navigation
    • Dynamic information (e.g. signposts, street lane)
  • Positioning
    • Network positioning (Cell-IDs & WiFi)

These services still face some local restrictions that customers should be aware of. Firstly, they can only be accessed within China’s borders; and secondly, separate access credentials are required for our worldwide offering that includes China.

We continue to pursue further global collaboration opportunities with likeminded partners, and are always looking for ways to further explore the expansion of current partnerships in order to best serve our customers.