Custom Location Extension service update provides isoline search along a route

By Denise Vlaicu | 16 October 2017

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If you use our Custom Location Extension, you’re probably familiar with corridor search, attribute search and bounding box search available for your private POIs.

One gap in these search capabilities has been providing the exact time and distance to reach a POI. This new service release helps close that gap, allowing you to make precise estimations through your applications.

Today, CLE 2.1.6 gives access to a new functionality called “isoline search along a route.” While corridor search provides a list of locations in the proximity (fly distance) of a route, isoline search along the route provides all reachable locations within a specified time and distance along a route. What’s the difference? Isoline search along the route considers the actual HERE road network to make such exact calculations, while the corridor search just lists the locations within a certain proximity, with no estimation on how long it will take a driver to get there.

cle image.png

For example, the corridor search could find a location along a route that is only 0.5 miles fly distance. But to detour from a route and drive to this location, a driver would need to drive 2 miles due to unexpected road conditions (e.g. the next highway exit is a mile away or a river between the highway and that location can only be crossed at a bridge that is 2 miles away).

This function becomes particularly important to drivers that need to make a stop or detour, and are already engaged in a route with very rigid ETAs, or when important locations like gas stations need to be reached right away.

Besides a list of locations, isoline search along a route also returns all the link IDs that can be reached within a set time and distance. This can become an important tool when evaluating the addition of other possible locations within your database.

Check out the documentation and code examples for the API here. Happy coding!