HERE launches Custom Route Extension – an easy way to build custom routes

By Denise Vlaicu | 02 May 2017

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We understand the need of having access to a routing service which allows you to have more control over the routes you provide to your vehicles. Therefore, today, we’re proudly launching a new service, that gives you the flexibility to tailor routes using your own preferences and custom road geometries. The Custom Route Extension provides you with ways to create routes which make most sense to your vehicles and business operations. Since we all know that certain road restrictions can be applied differently from one vehicle profile to another, we provide opportunities to make the changes you need, on your own, so that your vehicles end up using and accessing the desired road segments and routes.

With Custom Route Extension you can now block access to specific road segments, remove existing road blocks or add new road geometries to the HERE road network, especially on those private grounds where you’re familiar with the existing infrastructure. For example, you can block road links that are closed during short term construction work or add temporarily created road sections or exits. You can block usage of certain road links for certain type of vehicles (e.g. trailer access), or when the road conditions are known to be risky (e.g. muddy grounds from rain, rock falls).

Below are some of the most important feature available today through the Custom Route Extension:

  • Import of custom road data and geometries as WKT
  • Storage of data (e.g. road closure, geometries) into custom data layers
  • Map matching of changes onto current HERE map release
  • Submitted changes are kept private in the customer environment

For additional product information as well as developer documentation please click here. We hope you enjoy using the flexibility provided through the Custom Route Extension.