Developer Week in the Bay is going to be a blast! Are you going?

By Brietta Easterlin | 02 February 2018

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Developer Week is about to kick off with workshops, a hackathon, and an expo with a whole slew of seminars and talks sprinkled in. The HERE team and I are really excited to be part of it! The event starts on Saturday, Feb 3rd with a hackathon and on Monday the expo and workshops begin.

We are sponsoring a lounge area with places to sit, relax, charge your device, and enjoy some refreshments. It is going to be party, so I hope you can swing by!

We're also focusing on giving back to the communities in which we work and play. So for this event, in lieu of spending funds on swag, we decided to donate to the Berkeley Food and Housing Project, a local group helping people affected by homelessness in the Bay Area.

Michael from our developer evangelism team will be on hand to lead an interactive workshop on Tuesday, which will cover using the AWS Serverless Application Repository (aka AWS SAR) and HERE location services for streamlined application building. A serverless application allows you to manage an app feature as a configurable microservice. (Read more about using AWS SAR with HERE in this blog post or on our GitHub repo.) If you are planning on joining this session, remember to have ready:

For those who are new to AWS SAR, listen up because it's really handy. You normally would have to create your lambda, triggered by URL API endpoints you defined, and manage the configuration and permissions all on your own. We took the heavy lifting out so you can build and deploy your app with a fraction of the time and effort. Here are the services we've integrated into AWS SAR for you:

  • Map Images
  • Map Tiles
  • Geocoder
  • Transit
  • Positioning
  • Toll Cost Extension
  • Traffic
  • Places

So, if you want to learn how to build faster with less hassle and are coming to Developer Week in Oakland, join us on Tuesday at 2PM for a 50-minute workshop where we will help you put together all the pieces.

If you're coming to the expo, please stop by to say hi. We would love to hear what you've been up to and what you're building!