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Discover the Routing API with our new routing reference client

By Marek Krysiuk | 29 January 2018

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“A picture is worth a thousand words” and we believe that good visualization accelerates the process of understanding complex ideas. Even for REST services, a visual tool is a great way to discover and experiment with the API, which is why we created the Routing Reference Client web app. It also saves precious time digging through the routing documentation.

The tool exposes a variety of modes, eg, Truck Routing, and has many options to customize to your use case, including allowing the selection of different vehicle profiles, displaying route elevation profiles, exposing matrix routing, drawing reachability isolines, customizing response content, and exposing tens of other options. It automatically generates a URL-encoded request which can be executed within the tool. The response can then be visualized on the map together with route meta-information:


You can also export the request URL and run it directly from your app or service.

We also expose some beta features like EV routing and consumption model parameterization, with many more coming soon.

Discover our Routing API service using the Reference Client at https://refclient.ext.here.com.

Just remember to add your API credentials in the settings section: 


… and if you don’t have them, just register for a free 90-day trial and you're ready to route!