Find all the Popup Halloween Stores with this Handy Map

By Phil Johnston | 22 October 2019

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With Halloween rapidly approaching we are happy to share the “This is Halloween” map to help you find nearby pop-up halloween stores across the US and Canada.

Halloween is just around the corner, have you picked up your costumes and decorations? Perhaps you didn’t even think about it yet! From what we can tell, everyone is gearing up for the festivities by carving pumpkins and planning fun activities for this Halloween weekend! We thought we’d join in the spirit by making a map!

This is Halloween Map - HERE Technologies - Pop up Halloween Store Finder

To view the map head over to

Tap the location Icon (in the top right) to find your nearby stores or check out the regional ones in exotic locations like Hawaii and Wood Buffalo, Canada!

This map was made by working with the XYZ Hub API to store all the locations of each Halloween popup store and then rendering the data with Leaflet and Tangram. Our friend Jonah Adkins created this map for us. Check it out and please share it with your friends.

Ps. Did you know we are running a map-making competition? With $20,000 US in prizes and more creativity than you can shake a wood broom at! We hope to see you create a map using the XYZ Studio or HUB and submit for your chance to win!  Learn more at