HERE helps Solvertech optimize customers‘ delivery routes

By Zuzana Dittes | 24 May 2018

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We interviewed one of our customers, Czech company Solvertech, to understand how HERE helps them optimize their customers' route plans, saving time and money.

What does Solvertech do?

We produce software and additional services that allow our customers to create optimized route plans. As an example, the above image shows a visualization of the different delivery routes and the numbers indicate the order of the destinations where the truck will be off-loading. We take pride in the fact that we take into account even the smallest details, and that's the key for a realistic and thus useful plan. 

We serve companies that distribute almost anything ranging from milk to furniture to steel ingots. A growing trend these days is city logistics and continuous planning with same-day deliveries.

Tell us more about the history of your company.

We were founded in 2009 in the backwoods of Moravia, Czech Republic. We have grown from a one-man company to two founders and eight employees. Our sales model was simple: let us show you how we can save you money and improve your routes. If it works we get paid, if not we don’t.

We started small but have grown to a company that has a broad and rich customer base and some very interesting names to brag about. We have many international clients as well; this is why HERE comes in  handy.

What was the problem you were trying to solve when you started looking for location solutions?

With our international customers becoming more prevalent, the ability to quickly get routing data for almost any country is super important. Also, we wanted to provide our existing customers with better geocoding services. In some cases, our clients are trying to geocode free-form typed addresses. We tried a few solutions and found HERE Technologies to be the best solution. We also liked HERE’s map tiles for the routes display—a nice cherry on top.

Why did you decide to use HERE? What factors in location services were most important for you?

We needed the geocoder first in order to improve our service. In the longer run, routing with vehicle restrictions is the main reason for our choice. Being able to set the exact vehicle parameters (eg, weight, height, dangerous chemicals) and get routes based on that is crucial for our customers. 

Which HERE services are you using?

Listed in order of importance: routing distance matrix generation, geocoding, map tiles.

How is HERE helping you achieve your technical and business goals?

We can get great distance and times estimates quickly with many options. Deployment of our software to any country using HERE is now extremely easy. We no longer have to carefully get, prepare and test mapping data in the countries we need to operate. We can fully rely on HERE for this.