HERE launches community feedback developer tools

By Rebecca Amir | 08 June 2017

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At HERE we pride ourselves on the high quality of our map data. One of the many ways we keep our maps accurate and up-to-date is by collecting feedback from our community. Using the HERE Map Creator tool , users can update, remove or add places, roads and point addresses. These changes are then reviewed and integrated into our official maps, which are used by millions of peoples, vehicles and devices all over the world.

With the launch of the Map Feedback API and Embedded Editor SDK, we now also provide developers with the tools to enable this type of map feedback capability directly in their HERE-powered applications. To find out more, check out the full documentation for both the API and the SDK on the HERE developer portal.

Best of all, the Map Feedback API and Embedded Editor SDK are available free of charge as part of all plans available on, including our free plan. If you are using any of our paid plans, usage of this API and SDK does not count against any of your usage limits.

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