HERE launches Intermodal Routing API

By Denise Vlaicu | 22 January 2018

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In our efforts to solve some of the most challenging commuting problems that users face today, we're proud to announce the launch of HERE's intermodal routing service. Intermodal routing is a new service that allows developers to provide routes combining three different routing modes for car, pedestrian and public transit; as well as access to parking information within the proximity of transit stops.

While our current Transit and Routing APIs enable you to route a user from point A to point B either by car, public transit or by foot, the Intermodal routing service leverages these features to provide you with routes that intelligently combine all three modes with no additional development required.

So, when do you choose which service?

If you want to provide separate transportation options to your users, such as routes considering only public transit or only drive or walk, you can easily do so with the Transit and Routing APIs. But if you want to provide alternative options with interconnected transportation modes, that include a combination of walk, park, drive and public transit, then the Intermodal Routing API is a more straightforward approach.

Why did we build this service?

We recognize that majority of daily commuters, who travel every day to or within a city, usually prefer to drive a little, park where there's access to a good transit choice and ride the public transit to their final destination. Our intermodal routing does just that - it gives users intermodal alternatives in case traffic builds up, or simply if they want to avoid driving within a city.

What is provided with this service?

Developers can use this service to build applications that support various pre-trip and dynamic/on-the-go scenarios. For pre-trip scenarios, users can decide, ahead of time, if they want to use a combination of walk, drive and ride the public transit to a destination. While on-the-go, users can use intermodal routing to find alternative commuting options right on the spot.

To provide for a comprehensive algorithm, our intermodal routing service takes into account a variety of HERE Location capabilities which makes it a very useful service:

  • Vehicle routing
  • Public transit routing with real-time and timetable departures
  • Pedestrian routing with pedestrian connectivity
  • Real-time traffic and traffic incidents
  • Public transit service delays/disruptions information from transit authorities
  • Amenities available at transit stations or nearby (eg. off-street parking, EV charging)

For those of you building applications meant to solve some of the more difficult commuting challenges such as avoiding unexpected traffic, reducing driving hours or meeting important arrival times; the service enables a full set of location capabilities for:

  • drive, park early, ride and walk to final destination
  • drive, park late, ride and walk to final destination
  • drive, park while on-the-go, ride and walk to final destination.

And to ensure that your users get the most optimal routes and accurate ETAs to a destination, the service considers the time needed to walk from a parking lot to a transit stop, to transfer from one transit line to another or to walk from a transit line to the final destination.

It's truly an excited service to try! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Check out the documentation we have available.