HERE launches Mobility On-Demand

By Denise Vlaicu | 15 March 2017

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HERE launches Mobility On-Demand, a toolkit for on-demand app developers. The aim of the toolkit is to enable developers to build location-centric features into their apps and go to market quickly. You can build e-hailing, carpooling, food delivery, package delivery or any other on-demand app. Pricing is simple, based on number of orders booked.

After listening to customers and the developer community, HERE has specially priced and packaged the toolkit to meet your needs. It comes with a technical solution paper containing step-by-step guides on how to use HERE APIs and SDKs. The toolkit supports end-to-end development of all the building blocks of an on-demand solution. In the case of e-hailing, for instance, this would include the passenger app, the companion app for the driver, the backend dispatch system, as well as backoffice analytics and data visualisation.

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Access the technical solution paper here. And sign up for a 90-day Free Trial license here.

Once you register for the Free Trial license, you get everything you need to support the examples in the technical solution paper.

Do remember to activate credentials for the SDKs you want. SDKs are available for iOS and Android. You have two easy options. If you want to develop custom navigation in your app, you will need the Premium Edition of the HERE Mobile SDK. If, instead, you want to keep things simple and do a navigation handover from your app to the award-winning HERE WeGO navigation app, you can choose either the Starter Edition or the Premium Edition.

Once you’ve tried things out and you’re ready to move to a commercial implementation of your on-demand app, please contact us.