Self-hosted HERE Location Services Now Available On The Microsoft Azure Marketplace

By Mithun T. Dhar | 10 March 2020

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Last year we committed to better serving our community on the Microsoft Azure Cloud. We started by offering access to HERE Location Services directly from the Azure Marketplace (SaaS) as serverless functions. Today we are proud to announce we are taking our commitment further by offering an additional set of HERE Location Services available as a Virtual Machine (VM) deployment in a high-availability architecture managed in the customer tenant.

Routing, Geocoding, Map Tiles APIs are available in this environment as the core tools of location technology  

  • Routing – provides access to and use of global, real-time and historical traffic information. 
  • Forward Geocoder and Reverse Geocoder – provides comprehensive coverage in 196 countries and several territories with a high-precision mapping of geo-coordinates or addresses. 
  • Map Tiles – shows fresh day-time map tiles in multiple styles (e.g. base, aerial) including rendered live-traffic tiles for flow overlay.

Self-hosted Virtual Machine deployments offer the security and speed of on-premise hosting without the physical need for IT infrastructure and on-site support. As digital transformation moves from the private to the public sector, we are seeing a strong demand for a self-hosted Virtual Machine environment.  

These APIs provide everyone on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace an opportunity to be innovative and creative while at the same time ensuring high performance and advanced security protection. These core APIs are used to support location technology solutions across a number of different markets. 

Fleet management and emergency services:  

  • Create safe and efficient routing solutions for multiple vehicle types 
  • Provide the most efficient routing options based on real-time traffic conditions 
  • Provide routing options for pedestrians and public transportation  
  • Help your city run more smoothly with improved traffic flow and transportation network usage 

Business Intelligence: 

  • Understand trends and behavior of citizens in relation to their location and mobility patterns  
  • Understand shifting market dynamics to inform real-estate investments  
  • Verify insurance claims and authenticate transactions 

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