HERE takes top spot in new Strategy Analytics report

By Mithun T. Dhar | 04 February 2019

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HERE notched up the highest score, in Strategy Analytics’ latest assessment of the leading location-based service providers. It’s the fifth successive year during which HERE has secured the top spot in the firm’s benchmarking report and we couldn't be prouder! This edition saw Strategy Analytics overhaul its assessment criteria, introducing categories for openness and developers.

“HERE has a strong automotive presence and is well suited to meeting the needs of this sector and large enterprises,” the report’s author Nitesh Patel explained. “Historically, HERE has not focused on long tail developers, but over the past 18-24 months has started initiatives like XYZ and introduced a Freemium location offer to encourage the longer tail of developers.”

Patel said that competition across the industry remained fierce, while customer demands were continuing to evolve.

“HERE continues to demonstrate leadership in key areas with its comprehensive 360 approach to map making, continued support of automakers’ strategic objectives, and innovative products and solutions across location use-cases,” he wrote.

Patel also noted the steps HERE has taken over the last 12 months to improve its POI search and visualization capabilities.

Industry analyst firms represent an importance source of information for our current and prospective customers and partners. That’s why we work hard to ensure their analysts have access to our executives and are kept abreast of developments at the company.

The effort pays off: in the last six months, reports from multiple tech research houses have  recognized HERE as the industry-leading platform.

You can find Strategy Analytics’ latest industry benchmarking in its new report “Automotive, Enterprise, IoT, and the Mobility Sector to Drive Future Location Sector Growth”. This, as well as available reports from other research firms, can be accessed here: https://www.here.com/en/company/industry-voices