Make a map with HERE XYZ and submit it to win up to $10,000 US

By Phil Johnston | 20 September 2019

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Do you want to have a real impact on your community? Maybe you are trying to raise funds for a great initiative? What about paying it forward for the next generation. Whatever your reasoning, $10,000 US in your pocket will definitely help you with your goal.

Maps have long since been a big part of telling stories about the world. HERE, recently introduced the HERE XYZ Studio & Hub products enabling people to create compelling maps with large datasets. Whether they are complex or simple, maps tell stories. We want to see your story as a map.

Tell your story by creating a map using HERE XYZ (Studio and/or Hub), then submit it to the HERE XYZ Mapathon to enter to win up to $10,000 US.

Participants of the HERE XYZ Mapathon will compete for prizes totaling $20,000 US. You must enter before November 3 to compete, so don’t delay. Void where prohibited. See challenge rules (link below) for more information.

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