Join HERE at the Lady Problems Hackathon in Berlin

By Richard Süselbeck | 23 January 2017

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Following on from successful events in Vancouver and Boston, this weekend (Jan 28-29) HERE is proud to sponsor the Berlin edition of the Lady Problems Hackathon series. The Lady Problems Hackathons focus on four challenges that address the key barriers preventing female entrepreneurship: health and access to healthcare; making sure women feel safe when they go to, are at, and come home from work; economic empowerment to maximize the resources women need to grow their business; and helping women gain the support they need from their families, communities, coworkers, and employers.

We believe our maps and location services can be a great asset while addressing these challenges and so we are posing a special HERE challenge: we want you to join us in Berlin this weekend and use any of our APIs or SDKs in your hacks! We’re looking for practical and/or creative applications of our maps and location services to any of the Lady Problems challenges. Hacking for a cause is of course its own reward, but we will also be giving away a small herd of Cozmo robots as prizes to the winning team!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up here and see you this weekend!