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HERE Developers Livestreams: Join our Growing Community on Twitch!

By Peter Mallahan | 23 March 2020

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If you're really into gaming, like the most of us on our team, you’ve probably heard of Twitch. Did you know though that HERE has a Twitch channel? For the past year, our developer evangelists have been walking our viewers through a wide range of technologies and platforms. From cloud platforms like AWS and Azure, to hackathons and map design – we dedicate an hour discussing and troubleshooting code. The best part of our livestreams is that they’re live and you get to ask all your questions, and get answers immediately! If you are wondering what we will be talking about on the next few livestreams, watch the video below to get a feeling of our past sessions and what we wil b e building on the upcoming streams. Follow our channel to get instant updates and notifications when we go live: twitch.tv/heredev We look forward to seeing you there!