June Event Radar

By Melodi Kaya | 06 June 2018

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We're all over the world and you still haven’t met any of us?

Don’t be oh-so-quiet then! Join us at one of the events below or reach out to us on @heredev and let us take you out for a drink to talk about your experience with our developer portal!



June 7-8 – Mumbai, India 

Our local team and evangelists will be in Mumbai for the final round of CodeGladiators. This has been the biggest online & onsite hackathon we have ever participated in, and we're excited to see what the results of this 3-month-long hackathon will be!



June 9-10 – Cluj, Romania

The name can be suggestive and there's a reason for that! If you have an appetite for innovation and cutting-edge technologies, come and hack with us at Techsylvania hackathon.

Make sure you say hi and get your cool HERE swag! We don’t really want to carry them back to Berlin. And, a little SWAG never killed nobody.


City Coders Plock Hackathon

June 16-17 – Plock, Poland

Our local community team will be in Plock during the event on June 16-17th. If you are local and want to participate, you still have time. Register here.


Developer Week

June 18-20 – New York City

Meet evangelist Michael Palermo. He'll be on the main stage for a talk as well as holding a workshop, both on June 19th. We're giving away free tickets to the event over on Twitter.


droidcon Berlin

June 25-27 – Berlin, Germany 

Evangelist Richard Süselbeck will be on his home turf. Hit him up for tips on all things location.



June 25-27 – Sofia, Bulgaria

Want to have a stimulating discussion on how we can reinvent Europe's future around technology? Then Webit is the perfect fit for you! We will be there to show you the 5W1H of a European future with location at its core!