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By Mithun T. Dhar | 07 May 2018

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Our mission at HERE has always been to create a digital representation of reality to radically improve the way everyone and everything lives, moves and interacts.

To contribute to a better future, we’re pushing the boundaries of the technology behind the digital representation of reality—from our HD Live Map, which paves the way for better maps and autonomous vehicles; to the Open Location Platform, our powerful engine putting location intelligence and big data to work for you.

To make these things effective, we’re constantly thinking about how we can empower others to use HERE tools to get to the good stuff: the radical improvement of the way we live our lives. Put simply, developers are at the heart of our mission. We can’t do it without you.

Reflecting on that, we’re taking a moment to highlight our commitment to making it easy for developers to use a wide range of our most powerful tools—including a rich library of REST APIs, our JavaScript APIs, and native SDKs for Android and iOS—for free, no credit card required. These are the same tools used by some of our biggest and most innovative customers and partners, from Microsoft, to Grab, to Virgin Hyperloop One.

To make this tangible, we have two free options available on our developer portal, First, you can choose our “Get Started for Free” option, a 90-day free trial that gets you access to all our Standard and Advanced features, as well as our Premium, offline native SDKs.

Advanced developer features include a powerful set of REST APIs—you’ll recognize them by the use of the term “Extension” on the end of the API name—to drive innovation around ridesharing and fleet management use cases.

Second, you can choose our “Public Basic “option, which includes some of our most popular features, like indoor and outdoor maps; map tiles with real-time traffic around the world; car, bike, and walk routing; geocoding and places; positioning; and geovisualization. All the details are here:

Finally, and as always, stay tuned for what’s next. We have big plans for later this year that break down barriers to give you access to more features, more use cases, and more volume. Yep, for free.

Until then, let us know what awesome things you’ve built in our joint mission to use the power of location to make life better. Tweet us @HEREDev. Cause every day is a good day for good news.