New Usage Export has arrived!

By Rebecca Amir | 01 May 2017

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Get Started

A few weeks ago we announced some improvements to the Usage Dashboard and let you know that we would be working on updates to the CSV download as well. We’re happy to announce that the changes to export function have been finished and you can now benefit from seeing an even more granular dataset in the CSV file.

What are the improvements?

  • You can now see specific usage data per App ID and category, and then split by each subcategory, e.g., geocoding total plus subtotals for forward, reverse, and multi-reverse geocoding.
  • The usage data is sorted by environment and date of usage

How it works

In your usage dashboard, just click on Export CSV in order to download the usage data:

In the export file, you will see the usage data split by the service categories, and then its subcategories: