November Event Radar

By Melodi Kaya | 01 November 2018

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After attending numerous events in October, we actually thought it could be a Seinfeld binge-watch November, but I guess there is always a developer who needs our support somewhere.

And make no mistake, that developer will learn plenty about location services by December (the holidays month, right?🤔).

Want to know more about our upcoming events? Well, keep reading!


Cal Hacks | November 2 | Berkeley, USA

We are sponsoring this college hackathon hosted at UC Berkeley.  If you are a student there, meet our team and good luck on your project!

Phoenix Mobile Festival | November 3 | Phoenix, USA

We are sponsoring this one-day event with more than 20 talks! Make sure you drop by and meet Michael.

Web Summit | November 5 – 8 | Lisbon, Portugal

Not sure if anybody would need any other reason than pastel de nata to visit Lisbon, but if you are like us you might want to take this opportunity to go there and attend one of the best technology conferences in the world! 

DeveloperWeek | November 6 – 8 | Austin, USA

 Jayson will be having a workshop on our newest service: XYZ. If you are a mapping enthusiast or developer who likes working with geospatial data, you don’t want to miss this.

SigSpatial | November 6 – 9 | Seattle, USA

We will be at SigSpatial talking about  XYZ. Make sure you visit our booth and ask us anything about it.  

Leon Hackathon | November 9 – 10 | Leon, Mexico

We are bringing together Leon’s most active names in the ecosystem for our hackathon! You wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to learn more about how to use location technology in your apps, meet with HERE people, discover the UTL campus and meet many more technology enthusiasts! To learn more, visit the website!

Map_IT! | November 17 – 18 | Krakow, Poland

It gets a little more personal and we tend to throw a few mama bear hashtags your way when we organize our own hackathons! You’ve been warned! If you're reading this, come and hack with us at Map_IT! hackathon in Krakow. You can still register here.

Our evangelists and local team onsite will be there to help you 24/7. There will be top-notch mentors, a little amnesia and a lot of fun!

Droidcon SF | November 19 – 20 | San Francisco, USA

It’s traditional for you to see us at almost droidcon event – so, we will be at SF part as well! Make sure you drop by our booth and say hi!

RunderTischGIS Hackathon | November 23 -24 | Augsburg, Germany

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? If not, it might get a little tricky - but, we have a team that can speak around 10+ languages (ok, I combined all of us). If you are in Augsburg make sure you drop by and hack with us.

AWS re:Invent | November 26-30 | Las Vegas, USA

Look for our booth in the IoT area where Jayson will be doing a chalk talk and IoT demonstration Interneting all of the Things.  Make sure you drop by and say hi.

TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin | November 29 – 30 | Berlin, Germany

We will be closing the month with Disrupt Berlin! And, no German is required. Make sure you visit our booth and say hi.