October Event Radar

By Laura Callahan | 28 September 2018

Even though the days may be getting shorter, we’re still HERE, there, everywhere making the most out of the daylight we have left to tell everyone about our #1 Location Platform! If you’re out and about at any of these events, come by and say hello!

SAP TechEd 2018 | October 2 – 5 | Las Vegas, USA
We’ll be on-site talking about Integrating Location Services with SAP Solutions.  Pretty cool stuff, eh?

Internet & Mobile World | October 3 – 4 | Bucharest, Romania
We’ll have our Head of Design on-site, stop by our booth (booth 70) to meet J F Grossen! 

State of the Map | October 4 – 6 | Detroit, USA
You’re not going to want to miss this one – stop by our booth to hear about our exciting news!


KavKaz Hack | October 12 – 14 | Stavropol, Russia 

Make sure you join and hack with us at KavKaz Hack if you are in Stavropol - people say, hacking with us is one of the most geeky things you can do there.


Silicon Valley Code Camp | October 13 – 14 | San Francisco, USA
Don’t sit this one out! We have not one, not two, but THREE workshops coming at you at SVCC.

DroidCon Tel Aviv | October 18 | Tel Aviv, Israel
We’ll be on-site, come say hello and talk all things Android with Richard.

DroidCon London | October 25 – 27 | London, UK
Are you participating in the hackathon? Be sure to stop by our booth to talk to Richard about integrating location services into your project for FREE!

#hack4no | October 26 - 27 | Oslo, Norway
We'll be on site! Stop by our booth to say hello to Shruti and learn how easy it can be to integrate location services into your hackathon project. 


Hack.Moscow | October 26 – 28 | Moscow, Russia 

Our Russian team of wonders will be there to hack and mentor at one of the biggest hackathons in Russia, along with 450 other hackers!