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Real-Time Fleet Tracking Workshop for Azure Developers

By Michael Palermo | 18 July 2019

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Get Started

In May 2019 we released three Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates to simplify the integration of our REST services as Azure functions within an Azure solution. The templates cover the following:

  • Serverless Functions - Deploys HERE location services as Azure functions that can be invoked directly within any Azure applications and/or solutions.
  • Web App Back-ends - Deploys HERE location services as Azure functions along with Azure Service Bus and Cosmos DB to optimize for web application back-end.
  • Real-Time Data Streams - Deploys HERE location services as Azure functions along with Event Hub and Cosmos DB to optimize for real-time streaming applications.

Today, we are happy to announce a resource to help developers quickly get up to speed with the last ARM template mentioned above. This resource is a "workshop" available at GitHub and utilizes real-time data streams to create a fleet management scenario for real-time vehicle tracking. This post covers what you need to get started and provides a glimpse of what the workshop produces as an output.

Scope and Requirements

The following are prerequisites for getting started:

Overview of Tasks

The following tasks are covered in the Fleet Management Workshop:

Real-Time Data Stream Template Deployment - Initial deployment and configuration of ARM template configured to use HERE location services.

Configure Sample Data Producer - Create a script to simulate IoT devices that capture latitude, longitude, engine temperature, RPM, load and coolant temperature.

Configure WebApp - Create and deploy an Azure Web App to serve as a dashboard to monitor virtual fleet of trucks in real-time.

Validation - Execute producer script to simulate vehicles tracked via IoT devices and monitor via dashboard.

Here is a screen capture of the dashboard from the completed workshop:



With the availability of the Fleet Management Workshop, Microsoft Azure developers can quickly learn how to implement a complex scenario such as real-time fleet tracking in a short amount of time.