September Event Radar

By Melodi Kaya | 28 August 2018

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You might be wondering what a developer evangelism team does in the summer when the weather gets hot. Well, in our 2018 Summer/Fall collection, we fly around to share our good news with you.

You might also be wondering what good news is being referred to here. It is Freemium!

Bear with us while we are in our dating-the-drummer-gotta-tell-everyone phase regarding Freemium. We know we have said it couple of times by now. Make no mistake, you will hear about it even more if you come and join us at one of the following events.



August 27-28, NYC, USA

We have our evangelists speaking at this event on one of the trending topics of our era: ride sharing! If you are in NYC, you wouldn’t want to miss this!



September 2-9, Izmir, Turkey

We’ll be joining this open innovation camp to mingle with the young and bright of Turkey. Having a sea view doesn’t hurt - experts say. Got our SPF 50+ ready, can’t wait! If you want to come and treasure-hunt and/or hack with us, register now!


Disrupt SF

Sept 5-7, SF, USA

We are all over the place, it isn’t possible to miss us if you are attending this year’s Disrupt! We are very serious, come by our booth and say hi. You might also want to drop by our workshop on Sept 7th to get to know us a little better.


Webinar: Switch to HERE

Sept 6, on

Our team has prepared our very first webinar on switching to HERE after our amazing Freemium plan! They will be streaming live from Disrupt SF.


API World

Sept 10-12, San Jose, USA

It’s one of the unique chances to meet with us and judge us by our booth, workshop and speech – the whole package! If you are a judgmental one - like almost all of us - drop by and prepare to be surprised!



Sept 10, Berlin, Germany

If you live in Berlin, by now you might be aware that we don’t let a GeoMonday happen without us. Recent Berlin weather might have broken our epidermis, but it hasn’t damaged our spirit yet! Come join us at the 19th edition of GeoMonday.


Grace Hopper

Sept 26-28, Houston, USA

We are aware that it still not a gender balanced ecosystem out there. Being aware is not enough, we also want to support you and share our own experience with you. Self-doubt and glass ceiling will always be there if we choose to let it. We want to empower more women to be bold and support each other. If you are attending, make sure you drop by our booth to chat.