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HERE Studio: The Product Formally Known as XYZ

By Raymond Camden | 11 February 2020

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TL;DR: We've got a naming change for HERE XYZ. For all users of our custom maps creation tool in the room I'm writing a short and sweet summary of what's going on so you can read and get on with your day as quickly as possible.

In a nutshell, we have streamlined our naming across the board, including HERE XYZ. In this case, we felt that "XYZ" wasn't necessarily descriptive of what we're offering and it was time for a change. 

First, HERE XYZ Studio will now be called HERE Studio. This is the web application to make custom maps using the point and click interface. The URL will change in the future and we will redirect you from the old location to the new one.

Secondly, the APIs we used to refer to as the XYZ APIs will now be known as the Data Hub API. None of the URLs will change for now. 

And finally, the CLI is going to renamed Super Kitten Awesome Command Line Fun Time. No, wait, I meant Data Hub CLI. Again though, how you use the CLI won't be changing.

That's it. Oh, and we will be formally launching advanced Data Hub features with a paid tier soon. It's been mentioned in the docs a bit as "PRO" (for example, one of the features related to search is PRO only) but there hasn't actually been a way to move to this new tier. That will be possible shortly.