Learning from HERE developers

By Shruti Kuber | 28 May 2019

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I am one of those developers who learn better and faster from video tutorials. The voice cue gives me a one-to-one learning experience. If you are like me, you are in for a treat.

With the accelerated advances in technology, it is necessary to keep up with different frameworks, environments, libraries preferred by developers. Video tutorials give you just the pace and level of detail required to switch between different technologies. If you fall in that category, check out the HERE Technologies YouTube channel for video tutorials.

Watch the Learn from HERE Developer series for tutorials from experienced developers where they navigate between JavaScript, VueJs, Golang, Tangram, Android and iOS integrated with HERE Maps APIs.


Also watch the Webinar series Developer Waypoints in the Developer Livestreams playlist.


If learning by watching is not enough for you, you should catch our live coding series on Twitch where you can get your questions answered during the coding sessions with my fellow developer evangelist Nic Raboy. If you have questions while following these tutorials, post your comments on the video tutorials or on stack-overflow with the tag here-api. Happy coding!