Waypoints Sequence Extension gets smarter at pickups along routes

By Denise Vlaicu | 16 October 2017

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Today we’re announcing the extension of the service capabilities of Waypoints Sequence Extension (WSE) with an easy-to-use syntax and an intelligent sequencing algorithm to allow you to optimize pickups along your route.

WSE has always provided optimized sequences of waypoints along routes, and now WSE can also make intelligent calculations for any given waypoint to be considered (or not) along a route based on value, cost of business, and capacity. The newly available parameters and constraints to determine which waypoints should be considered along the route are:

  • incremental value per waypoint
  • time restrictions applicable to final destination
  • time windows per waypoint and opening hours
  • drop-off locations and opening hours
  • capacity required at waypoint
  • maximum detour time
  • vehicle capacity
  • any sequencing priorities (e.g., point A before point B)

The above functions can be extremely useful when developing for logistics and on-demand applications. For example, the incremental value at pickup points could be the value associated with picking up additional cargo along a route, or in the case of on-demand, the fare associated with picking up another passenger along the way. The service also considers time windows necessary at pickup locations to ensure that any delays associated with these detours are time reasonable and don’t affect the quality of service. Cargo capacity can be either the space (capacity) available on a truck, or the number of passengers that can fit inside a vehicle.

But that’s not all – if you’re developing an application that needs to comply with the latest hours of service (HOS) regulations, WSE allows you to consider all the legal rules regarding driving times and driver rest times when making such calculations.

These new features are available in our 90-day free trial license, as well as for existing customers of WSE. Try them out and let us know what you think. More information is available in our API documentation.