XYZ Studio Version 1.5.6 Release

By Raymond Camden | 26 November 2019

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Happy November and happy release day! We're proud to announce the release of XYZ Studio Version 1.5. I'm new here but I don't think we use code names for releases. Therefore I have decided to dub this the "Optimus Prime Pre-Turkey Day Mega Release." Also, this is why I'm not allowed to name releases.

While there's a number of changes in this release, there's two in particular I want to point out. First, we've added an easy to filter your features by properties. Consider the following dataset of cats, a... "cat-alog" if you will. (That was incredibly funny in my head... honest.)


You'll notice there's a new "Filter property" link in the user interface. With this, you can select a property, a condition type (equals, not equals, etc), and then a value. XYZ Studio will then report on how many items matched that filter and apply a highlight.


Filters give you quick insight into your data, which you can then turn into a style rule for some purrrrrmenance (sorry).

Don't take my word on it though, check out this cool video demonstration by HERE engineer Chirag Pandit.

The second update is automatic previews for videos, sounds, and images that exist in your feature properties. So for example, if my feature had a property, "picture", pointing to an image, the card could look like so:


Note that the site name and fav icon for the host of the media is shown over the preview.

That's it for now, but there's more details on the updates at our release notes. Be sure to let us know what you think!