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Location for AWS Developers

Deploy HERE Location Services from AWS Marketplace

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What are HERE Location services?

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HERE Location Services (HLS) is a set of more than 20 services that help developers do everything from adding maps to their applications, to supporting the most advanced fleet telematics use cases. HERE Location Services is free of charge until you hit 250,000 transactions per month.

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Benefits of HERE Location Services on AWS:

Strong data privacy and security

Build location-aware apps in the highly secure AWS global infrastructure. Your data will never be shared with third parties.

Get started for free

Make up to 250,000 transactions/month for free. No credit card required.

Easy to integrate with other AWS solutions

Add location services to your apps with AWS Lambda, Amazon Sagemaker, and Amazon Lex.

Get started today

Start building your location-aware application, service, or web map on AWS for free. All services remain free until you scale up to 250,000 transactions per month. No credit card required.

HERE Location Services can integrate with AWS services

You can use HERE Location Services on AWS to support nearly any use case that requires location data. In this example, HERE Location Services is being used in conjunction with Amazon Lex and AWS Lambda to create location-aware chatbots. View the tutorial here.

View of AWS lambda environment

 'use strict';

 const request = require('request');

 function formatResponse(sessionAttributes, fulfillmentState, assetType, region, regionFound) {

     var messageText;

     if(region != regionFound){
         messageText = `We did not find a ${assetType} in ${region} but we did find one in ${regionFound}`;
     }else if (region == regionFound)
         messageText = `We have found 1 ${assetType} in ${region}`;

     var message = {'contentType': 'PlainText', 'content': messageText};

     return {
         dialogAction: {
             type: 'Close',

 // replace with internal system call that gets realtime GPS coordinates for a given assetType
 function findAssetLocationByAssetType(assetType) {
     var assetLatLong;

     switch(assetType) {
       case 'helicopter':
         assetLatLong = '47.679506, -122.387584';  // ballard
       case 'bulldozer':
         assetLatLong = '47.570186, -122.386759';  // west seattle
       case 'delivery vehicle':
         assetLatLong = '47.603980, -122.335579';  // downtown
       case 'boat':
         assetLatLong = '47.608291, -122.338056';  // downtown
         assetLatLong = null;  // for demo purposes we only, no error handling

     return assetLatLong;

 // --------------- Events -----------------------

 function dispatch(intentRequest, callback) {

     const sessionAttributes = intentRequest.sessionAttributes;

     console.log(`dispatch userId=${intentRequest.userId}, intentName=${}`);

     const intentName =;
     const slots = intentRequest.currentIntent.slots;
     const region = slots.slotOne.toLowerCase();
     const assetType = slots.slotTwo.toLowerCase();

     var proximity = findAssetLocationByAssetType(assetType);
     var layerIds = '1001';

     const url = 'https:' +
                 '?apiKey=<YOUR_API_KEY>' +
                 '&proximity=' + proximity +
                 '&layer_ids=' + layerIds +

     request(url, { json: true }, (err, res, body) => {

                     if (err) { return console.log('err: ', err); }

                     console.log('statusCode:', res && res.statusCode);
                     console.log('body: ', JSON.stringify(body));

                     // process response
                     var regionFound = body.geometries[0].attributes.NAME.toLowerCase();
                     var distance = body.geometries[0].distance;

                     var formattedResponse = formatResponse(sessionAttributes, 'Fulfilled', assetType, region, regionFound);


 // --------------- Main handler -----------------------

 exports.handler = (event, context, callback) => {
     try {
             (response) => {
                 callback(null, response);
     } catch (err) {

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Learn now to make an Amazon Lex chatbot location-aware with HERE Location Services

Location APIs to support nearly any application


Highly accurate maps and weather data, available worldwide

Routing and navigation

From voice-guided pedestrian routing, to intermodal routing, to optimized truck routing

Geocoding and search

Turn addresses into GPS coordinates or vice versa, and search for points of interest

Fleet telematics

Advanced location algorithms for complex fleet management use cases

What can I do by integrating my application with HERE Location Services?

Live data coming out of a supply storage center.

Streamline your supply chain

Build functionality that helps your organization more effectively plan and manage activities across sourcing, procurement, conversion, and logistics. Integrate supply and demand management internally and with partners to gain end-to-end visibility.

cargo containers from above

Strengthen your fleet management

Take advantage of 5G, AI/ML, Big Data Analytics to make your fleet run more efficiently. Reduce fuel consumption, optimize routes, and more effectively utilize company resources with data like weather, traffic, tracking, positioning, geocoding.

Live data of directions on a car navigation system in the dashboard.

Effectively move people and goods

Thrive in the on-demand economy by facilitating the movement of people and goods through urban areas. This functionality helps make roads safer, improves traffic flow, and helps enable seamless user experiences.

Tools for common platforms

A map with paths highlighted with a JavaScript logo on top.


Add feature-rich, interactive maps and location services

A map with a location marker on it with the REST logo on top.


Integrate powerful location features into your apps with flexile REST services

A phone with a map in it with a dotted line coming out of the phone with an Android and Apple logo.

iOS & Android

Maps and location services with online/offline features for your native apps

Get started today

Start building your location-aware application, service, or web map on AWS for free. All services remain free until you scale up to 250,000 transactions per month. No credit card required.