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HERE Developer Showcase

Here we feature the brightest, most creative and thought-provoking projects from the developer community built with HERE APIs and mobile SDKs.

HERE Developer Showcase

To take part, tweet a link to your project to @HEREDev using #BuiltWithHERE and show us what you’ve got!

Featured application


Neartrip is a mobile app that helps people to find unique locations for travel and photography that may be off the beaten track. The app uses HERE APIs to plot locations clearly on a map and suggests interesting places to stop at along your itinerary. It’s magical for planning road trips!


Josselin Dionisi
Josselin Dionisi - France - Developer

Featured projects

man surfing


Manuel Escudero

In 2007, Matt Thomson created a simple list of his favorite surf destinations. Before long, it evolved into Wavecation, the world’s first directory of “surf front” rental properties that connects ocean lovers with some of the best places to surf around the world. We want to inspire a love for the ocean and those that it sustains. Wavecation, Surf the World!




Routa System was built to aid the road maintenance and infrastructure management process. It enables managers and customers to track construction and maintenance progress in real time and facilitate faster invoicing processes.




Coordinator helps those working with coordinates, maps and geographic information systems to work with any system they choose – all through a single app. You can make circumference and area calculations directly on the HERE map, display a KML file or even convert coordinates from one system to another. It’s easy!


Arduino Air Quality Project


Many air quality devices are statically mounted. This project explores what would happen if there was a system which gives live updates and reading of pollution level in a given area.


Truck Routing


In a world of same-day deliveries, hyper-precise logistics are a standard, not a luxury. The nuances between car and truck routing are often neglected which leave the truck drivers frustrated. This leaves a great opportunity to create applications focusing on Truck Navigation.


Accident Zone/Blackspot Alert System


Accident prone zones generate driver alerts during commute to warn against potentially dangerous blackspots.

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