Map Tile API Developer's Guide

Traffic Coverage

The HERE Map Tile API China supports traffic in the regions listed below. Traffic tiles for other regions can still be requested from the API, but they will not show any traffic information.

City Code City
F0C01 Shanghai
F0C03 Chongqing
F0C04 Shijiazhuang
F0C04 Tangshan
F0C04 Qinhuangdao
F0C04 Handan
F0C04 Xingtai
F0C04 Baoding
F0C04 Cangzhou
F0C04 Langfang
F0C05 Taiyuan
F0C06 Guangzhou
F0C06 Foshan
F0C07 Changchun
F0C08 Haerbin
F0C08 Xianggang
F0C09 Nanjing
F0C09 Wuxi
F0C09 Xuzhou
F0C09 Changzhou
F0C09 Suzhou
F0C09 Nantong
F0C09 Huaian
F0C09 Yancheng
F0C09 Yangzhou
F0C09 Zhenjiang
F0C10 Ningbo
F0C10 Wenzhou
F0C10 Jiaxing
F0C10 Huzhou
F0C10 Shaoxing
F0C10 Jinhua
F0C10 Taizhou
F0C11 Hefei
F0C11 Wuhu
F0C12 Fuzhou
F0C12 Xiamen
F0C12 Quanzhou
F0C13 Nanchang
F0C14 Zhengzhou
F0C14 Luoyang
F0C15 Wuhan
F0C16 Changsha
F0C18 Shenyang
F0C18 Dalian
F0C18 Anshan
F0C18 Fushun
F0C19 Guiyang
F0C20 Kunming
F0C21 Haikou
F0C21 Sanya
F0C23 Chengdu
F0C24 Jinan
F0C24 Qingdao
F0C24 Zibo
F0C24 Yantai
F0C24 Weifang
F0C24 Weihai
F0C24 Linyi
F0C25 Hangzhou
F0C26 Xian
F0C27 Nanning
F0C28 Shenzhen
F0C29 Tianjin
F0C30 Huhehaote
F0C30 Lasa
F0C30 Lanzhou
F0C30 Xining
F0C30 Yinchuan
F0C30 Wulumuqi
F0C31 Zhuhai
F0C31 Shantou
F0C31 Huizhou
F0C31 Dongguan
F0C31 Zhongshan
F0C32 Beijing