Standard Dashboards

A selection of Standard dashboards has been provided in Grafana for your convenience.


The Grafana home page includes a list of available dashboards as shown in Figure 1.

Default dashboards available for OLP include the following.

Name Description
Data, Catalog and Layer Metrics A report of all catalog activity during the most recent 24 hours.
Ingestion Metrics Reports on all data ingestion activities by catalog and layer.
OLP Current Usage Dashboard Shows all current data resources and pipelines running in OLP.
OLP Pipeline Status A summary of pipeline jobs and their status.
Spark Metrics Reports on Spark system usage metrics.
Flink Metrics Reports on Flink system usage metrics.
OLP Notebooks - Spark Metrics Reports on cluster metrics during process execution from within an OLP Notebook.
OLP Notebooks - Zeppelin Metrics Reports on general metrics (excluding cluster metrics) during process execution from within an OLP Notebook.

In Grafana, it is possible to copy the default dashboards or create new dashboards.

Note: Data Availability

The data for metrics in Grafana is stored for last 30 days only. So, selecting time ranges greater than 30 days from Grafana will result in inaccurate metrics.

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