Places (Search) API China - BETA Developer's Guide


Category Level Taxonomy

The Places Category System provides three levels of granularity:

  • Level 1 - Categories that are organized into logical high-level groupings. For example, 100-xxx-xxxx represents the top level category for Places associated with eating and drinking establishments (100 - Eat and Drink).
  • Level 2 - Categories organized by logical sub-groups or domains. For example, 100-1000-xxxx represents the mid-level category for Places associated with eating and drinking establishments that are restaurants (100- Eat and Drink + 1000 - Restaurant).
  • Level 3 - Categories that provide the greatest level of granularity about Place categorization. For example, 100-1000-0001 is the complete category code for Places associated with eating and drinking establishments that are casual dining restaurants (100- Eat and Drink + 1000 - Restaurant + 0001 - Casual Dining).

Restricted Categories

Certain categories are managed exclusively by HERE and have restricted use for content providers. These categories require special handling and processing to ensure the highest level of data quality.

Note: Restricted categories are noted as "RESTRICTED" within the Category ID column.

Category References

References to categories within Place XML is accomplished by including the complete category code as the category reference. The Places Data Store will normalize category names and descriptions based upon the category code referenced.

Note: When referencing Places categories only the complete category code (all 3 levels) should be used. For example, 100-1000-0001 should be used when referencing "Casual Dining" restaurants.
Many base level categories appear within the Places Category System. Base categories are essentially references to the Level 2 category that define the groupings. These categories are the first Level 3 category listed for each grouping and are always listed as "0000". For example, the Restaurant base category code is 100-1000-0000.
Note: Base categories should be referenced when a more specific category does not apply or exist.

Coding Example

The following is a coded example of a Places category:

      <Category categorySystem="navteq-lcms">
                  <Text languageCode="en">Restaurant</Text>