Routing API Developer's Guide


Route notes are used to store additional information about the route. These notes can either be related to the calculation itself (like violated routing options) or to the characteristics of the route (like entering a toll road, passing a border, etc.).

Figure 1. RouteNoteType This image shows a graphical representation of the Route Note Type.

RouteNoteType defines the following elements:

Element Description
Type RouteNoteTypeType

Type of the note. Please refer to the enumeration type RouteNoteTypeType for available values.

Code RouteNoteCodeType

A code that uniquely identifies the note. This code can be used to decide how to display the note (such as with a warning icon). Please refer to the enumeration type RouteNoteCodeType for available values.

Text xs:string

A short text describing the note. Please note that this attribute is not subject to internationalization and should therefore not be used in user displays.

AdditionalData KeyValuePairType

Container for additional data to be stored along with the note.

CountryChangeDetails CountryChangeDetailsType

Details of the country change. Provided only in case of country change notes (notes with Code element value set to countryChange).