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Sensor Data Ingestion Interface (SDII) Data Specification

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Sensor Data Ingestion Interface Data Specification


Message Summary

message SpecificObservedEvent

Container holding information about one observed event derived from sensor data.

Include: sdii.v3.3.1.proto


Field Type Label Description
time​Stamp​UTC_​ms int64 required

Timestamp of the message

cause Specific​Observed​Event​Cause​Enum optional
subcause Specific​Observed​Event​Sub​Cause​Enum optional
relevance​Traffic​Direction Relevance​Traffic​Direction​Enum optional
relevance​Event​Reference Relevance​Event​Reference​Enum optional
relevance​Distance Relevance​Distance optional
event​Time​To​Live int64 optional

Event time to live

Unit: Milisecond [ms] | Range: 1..MAXms | Resolution: 1ms

specific​Observed​Event​Confidence​_​percent int32 optional

The Confidence Value determining the detection quality and the belief in the correctness of the provided specific observed event

Unit: Percent [%] | Range: 0..100% | Resolution: 1%

negotiation​Flag Negotiation​Type​Enum optional

Provides the actual type of negotiation of the event object

event​ID string optional

The Event UUID is a string and an optional value that is unique for a detected Event and shall stay persistent within the vehicle. This ID is used to identify and resubmit information on a specific event (e.g. cancelation flag). An event shall be uniquely identified over the fleet with detection UUID and a session, or vehicle ID

extension​Container Extension​Container repeated

Contains the description and byte value of an dynamic extension content, that is undefined in this Specification.