Data Lens Developer's Guide


When you add this rule to a query, it returns the values in the specified string column as date values.

For more information on using query rules in a REST API request, see Queries.

For an end-to-end description of how to create a query, see Creating a Query.

The codeblock example below assumes the following dataset is in the system (dataset ID: e759d63280444c3abc08b1ce72b04e48 in this case, but the ID is different for different accounts).


In this case, the example query below converts the string values in the Date column (31December2014, 31July2014, 31December2014) into date values in the response.

"version": 0.3,
"dataset": "e759d63280444c3abc08b1ce72b04e48",
"namespace": {
  "as_date": {
    "source": ["Date"],
    "apply": [{
      "fn": "as_date",
      "type": "transform",
  "metrics": ["as_date"],

When you submit the above request, the response includes an HTTP status code and a JSON response body.

  "query": "644f5157b0574046be91a69476d8b23a",
  "kind": "datalens#query_result",
  "rows": [
          "2014-12-31 00:00:00"
          "2014-07-31 00:00:00"
          "2014-12-31 00:00:00"
  "columns": [
  "dataset": "e759d63280444c3abc08b1ce72b04e48"

For more information on the HTTP status codes, see HTTP Status Codes.

For more information on the elements in the JSON structure in the response body, see Query.

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