A product is data or services, that you can license from HERE Marketplace:

  • Data - location data catalogs that can be used to build maps
  • Services - location services for various use cases

Types of product offerings

HERE Marketplace supports two types of product offerings, along with several ways you can license products through HERE Marketplace:

  • Commercial – Some products on HERE Marketplace offer commercial billing, which can be in the form of a subscription payment or a one-time fee. For these products, the price is displayed directly in the listing, and you can add them to a cart immediately.
Commercial product
Figure 1. Commercial product
  • Contact Provider – For many products, there is a negotiation option, where HERE Marketplace will put you in contact with the seller to learn more about the product or service, and to discuss the terms of a license. For such products, the price is not displayed immediately.
Negotiable product
Figure 2. Negotiable product
  • Configurable – Certain listings have flexible configuration options that allow you to pay only for the resources you consume. The price depends on your selected resources.
Configurable product
Figure 3. Configurable product

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