Purchase commercial products

Commercial products are immediately purchasable using a payment method associated with your HERE account. Typically, these are products with standard billing options such as "1,000 API calls per month". For more complex pricing models, many listings use a "Contact Us" option to request custom pricing.

Get a billable product

  1. Select a product in the listing details and click Show details.

    Show product details
    Figure 1. Show product details
  2. Review the product's description and click Add to cart to make a purchase.

    Add to cart
    Figure 2. Add to cart

    You will be transferred to your shopping cart.

  3. Evaluate the total cost in your shopping cart and go to checkout.

    Shopping cart
    Figure 3. Shopping cart
  4. Verify your details and payment method and confirm your purchase.

    Checkout flow
    Figure 4. Checkout flow
  5. After the purchase is done, you can access and use the product.

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