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To start using products on HERE Marketplace:

Access to the HERE Marketplace

The HERE Marketplace offers two Consumer access levels:

  • Marketplace Consumer
  • Customer Manager

Marketplace Consumer access

All customers subscribed to the HERE Platform Base Plan have Marketplace Consumer access.


If you have not added a credit card to your account, you cannot access the HERE Marketplace.

As a Marketplace Consumer, you have access to the following functions:

  • View all public listings on the Marketplace
  • Accept invitations to private listings
  • View listings accessible by invitation on the Marketplace
  • Contact Marketplace Providers and view subscription options
  • Purchase products listed on the Marketplace

Marketplace Customer Manager access

Marketplace Customer Manager access can only be granted by the Org Admin via the AccessManager tool.

As a Marketplace Customer Manager, you have access to all the functions available to the Marketplace Consumer, plus:

  • Request quotes from the listing provider

Sign in to the HERE Marketplace

You will see Marketplace listed on the Launcher of the HERE platform.

HERE platform Launcher – Marketplace Consumer
Figure 1. HERE platform Launcher – Marketplace Consumer

Once you have received access, sign in to HERE Marketplace.

When you have signed in to the HERE Marketplace with the MarketplaceConsumer or CustomerManager role, the following features are available to you:

Marketplace Consumer menu
Figure 2. Marketplace Consumer menu

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