Get started

This section outlines how to quickly get started using HERE Marketplace on the HERE platform.

Get a HERE account

HERE Marketplace supports the following two types of customers:

  • Self-serve customers - individual developers signing up for the HERE platform
  • Named customers - enterprises obtaining an organization account

If you are an individual developer, you can access HERE Marketplace with the credentials you used to create your HERE account.

If you need to use HERE Marketplace on behalf of a company that has obtained a named customer account, contact your organization admin who can invite you to join the HERE platform organization established for your company.

For more information, see the Identity & Access Management Guide.


If you have not added a credit card to your account, you cannot access HERE Marketplace.

Access to HERE Marketplace

HERE Marketplace supports two user roles:

Marketplace Consumer role

All self-serve and named customers subscribed to the HERE Base Plan are assigned the Marketplace Consumer role.

In the Marketplace Consumer role, you have access to the following functions:

  • View all public listings on the Marketplace
  • Accept invitations to private listings
  • View listings accessible by invitation on the Marketplace
  • Contact providers and view subscription options
  • Purchase products listed on the Marketplace

Marketplace Customer Manager role

The Marketplace Customer Manager role can only be assigned by an Org Admin, and it is only available to users signing in as named customers.

In the Marketplace Customer Manager role, you have access to all the functions available to the Marketplace Consumer role, plus:

  • Request quotes from the listing provider

Start using the HERE Marketplace

Open the HERE platform and sign in with your HERE account. Select Marketplace from the Launcher menu to access the HERE Marketplace and start browsing the available product listings.

HERE Marketplace
Figure 1. HERE Marketplace

Once you have accessed the HERE Marketplace, you can use the following options in the top navigation bar to start exploring:

Alternatively, use the following features to narrow your product search:

  • Search field to find product listings by name. You can either type the search string in the box or click one of the most popular keywords under it.
  • Product Categories to limit your search only to the selected category.
  • Featured Products to view selected products from each of the available categories.
  • View All Products to access the full catalog of product listings.

Each of the options listed above takes you to the Store page with the corresponding filters already applied.

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