Request custom pricing

HERE Marketplace offers several billing methods, but not every pricing model is purchasable directly through HERE Marketplace. Some listings have a "Contact Us" option to help you get in touch with the Marketplace Provider to discuss your product needs.

File a Contact us request

  1. Select a product in the listing details and click Request to negotiate with the Marketplace Provider the terms and conditions to access their data, service, or SDK.

    Request custom pricing
    Figure 1. Request custom pricing
  2. Fill in the Contact us form by providing your contact details and specifying your request. You can also indicate which geographical regions and data formats you need. Click Request access to send the request to the Marketplace Provider.

    Contact us form
    Figure 2. Contact us form

    You can review your sent requests by opening Requests in the Marketplace menu.

  3. After you have agreed on terms and conditions with the Marketplace Provider outside of HERE Marketplace, the Marketplace Provider creates a listing with a non-billable ($0.00) product for your evaluation and you proceed to the purchase flow.

    Non-billable product
    Figure 3. Non-billable product

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