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On HERE Marketplace, some products are not purchasable directly, but instead require negotiations with the provider to discuss the price and purchase conditions. Cases that require negotiations include:

  • Purchases of products marked as "Negotiable".
  • Purchases of configurable products by self-serve customers, when the configured product price exceeds their credit card purchase limit.
  • Purchases made by named customers, when special conditions need to be discussed.


HERE is currently the provider of all data and services on the HERE Marketplace.

Submit a pricing request

To submit a pricing request, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Contact us link located on the following pages:

    • on a negotiable or configurable product listing page
    • on the product configuration page for a self-serve customer
    • on the Shopping cart page for a named customer.
  2. Fill in the form by providing the required details. You can also indicate which geographical regions and data formats you need. Then click Request access to send your request to the provider.

    You can review your sent requests in the Requests menu on the HERE Marketplace.

  3. After you have agreed on terms and conditions with the provider outside of HERE Marketplace, the provider creates a listing with a non-billable ($0.00) product for your evaluation, and you can then proceed to the purchase flow.

    Non-billable product
    Figure 1. Non-billable product

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