Create listings

To promote, share, and sell your data through HERE Marketplace, start by creating a listing. You can then manage your listings to fine-tune your offering.


Only users in the Marketplace Provider role can create listings. If this option is not available to you, contact your Org Admin and request to be included in the Marketplace Provider group.

Follow the steps below to create a listing and publish it on HERE Marketplace.

  1. From the Marketplace Provider menu, open Listings.
  2. Click Create listing and complete all the required fields.
  3. Start with providing your listing title, ID, and summary. Read prompts to the fields.

    Listing details
    Figure 1. Listing details


    If you create a sample listing, include the text "Sample" in the title. The title helps Marketplace customers find your sample listing. For more recommendations, see Best Practices on Listing Creation.

    You can also upload additional marketing materials to the listing in Optional info. Attach files up to 50MB, such as PDFs, text files, images, and videos. Use the Links field to add links to external resources and their descriptions.

    Optional info
    Figure 2. Optional info


    Any attachments must be marketing materials only.

  4. Include links to sample resources to allow your customers to learn more about the data you offer.

    Free samples
    Figure 3. Free samples
  5. Select additional products that you would like to include in your listing. To include an existing product, select it from the list. Note that for any commercial product you include in your listing, you need to specify the applicable terms and conditions, either as an attachment or as a link.

    Terms and conditions
    Figure 4. Terms and conditions
  6. Allow custom product requests and/or configurations by activating the corresponding options. You can edit the default Contact us message by updating the name and description.

    When enabling the product configuration option, you allow customers to choose the amount of data they sign up for. Use the Configurator selector to define the source of data.

    Configuration options
    Figure 5. Configuration options
  7. Choose who in your organization holds responsibility and receives notifications about customer requests for this listing when it's published. The following options are available:

    • all managers
    • the creator of the listing
    • specific persons (add email addresses to nominate up to 8 listing managers)
    Listing managers
    Figure 6. Listing managers
  8. Choose who can view your listing. There are three visibility options for listings in HERE Marketplace:

    • Unpublished - These listings are visible only to the members of your organization. If there are invited customers, they cannot view the listing while it's unpublished.
    • Published privately - These listings are visible to the members of your organization and invited customers. When you invite specific customers and privately publish the listing, the customers receive an email notification and can view the listing.


    An invitation is only valid for its recipient. Invitations forwarded to other users or sent to a mailing list do not grant access to private listing.

    • Published on Marketplace - These listings are visible to all authenticated Marketplace customers. Any Marketplace customer can explore the listing and request this listing.
    Listing privacy
    Figure 7. Listing privacy
  9. When you are ready with your listing, save and publish it. You can also exit without saving the listing or save it as unpublished at any stage of its creation.

    Save the listing
    Figure 8. Save the listing

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