Get Credentials

To authenticate with the platform, you must obtain platform credentials. In addition, you need repository credentials to download the HERE platform SDK libraries, archetypes, and example code to their environment. Find instructions below on how to obtain both sets of credentials.

Before you can get any credentials, you need to create an app. An app is an application that accesses HERE platform data or pipelines via the REST API or one of the libraries.

Your app and associated credentials do not inherit your user permissions or your group memberships. You can only create two keys per app. App credentials are valid until you delete your app or delete or disable the access key.

Note: App Access to Resources

Your admin needs to explicitly add the app you create following the instructions below to groups to grant your app access to resources such as output layers.

Manage Credentials

After you have created your app, follow the steps below to get your credentials.

  1. In the Portal, select Launcher > Access Manager, go to the Apps tab, and select your app.
  2. In the Credentials tab, go to the OAuth 2.0 tab and click Create credentials.
  3. In the dialog box that opens, click Download.

    Once you click Close, you can no longer access your access key ID and access key secret.

  4. Create a .here directory in your home directory.

    • For Mac/Linux users, this would be $HOME/.here
    • For Windows users, this would be C:\%HOMEPATH%\.here (if your home directory is on your C drive)
  5. Copy the resulting file to your .here directory.

    This file contains your platform credentials. The OLP CLI tool and libraries access this file to manage access to the platform. You can also use the information in this file with the Authentication and Authorization API if you want to use the REST endpoint. For more information, see the Command Line Interface Developer Guide.

    If you are not downloading SDK components or other artifacts from the platform, you can stop here.

  6. Go to your profile menu, select Repository, and click Create Credentials.
  7. Download the settings.xml and place it into your Maven settings directory.

    This settings.xml file contains your repository credentials. For more information on using the settings file, see the Maven documentation.

To authenticate with the platform through an API, see the Authentication and Authorization API Developer's Guide. Before you can use this API, you need to get the platform credentials file created above.

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