Features and Capabilities

Live Sense SDK uses a forward-facing camera to detect signs and objects that appear on the road ahead to inform drivers of upcoming obstacles, guidance maneuvers, and changes in the environment.

Live Sense product offerings include the following features and capabilities:

Object Detection & Classification

Using a camera-enabled edge device, objects on the road and in the surrounding space can be detected and classified, including:

  • Other vehicles (cars, trucks, or buses)
  • Pedestrians
  • Bicycles
  • Vehicle brakes
  • Potholes
  • Construction zones
  • Traffic lights
  • Speed limits
  • Other road signs

Real-time Hazard Alerts

Immediate or potential hazards on the road ahead can be identified. The driver is informed of what has been detected so they can take appropriate action.

Up-to-Date Information

Using the forward-facing camera of an edge device, users benefit from real-time detection of possible obstacles. The immediate notifications can be visual and audible, and can advise on a variety of objects.

Alerts Model

Contains extra heuristics for alerting the user of possible hazards in their path, such as time-to-collision warnings for impact with the leading vehicle and alerts for pedestrians and bicycles entering the vehicle's direct path.

Parallel Inferencing

The product supports inference by different models simultaneously to alert for multiple features detected.

Orientation Support

Supports the following device orientations: portrait, landscape-left, and landscape-right.

In-built and External Camera Support

Live Sense SDK can run detections on frames from an in-built Android camera or from an external camera.

Availability for a Variety of Devices

Compatible with a variety of edge devices, including smartphones, dashcams, and PNDs with cameras. The performance of Live Sense SDK will vary between devices, with primary determinants being different CPU, GPU, ANE, and display resolutions.

Easy Integration with HERE Products

Strengthen your solution by combining Live Sense SDK with existing HERE products to make your offering more complete, such as HERE Location Services and HERE Traffic.

No Connectivity Required

Key features of the app, including detection, classification, and notification do not require data or a Wi-Fi connection, freeing up data consumption on the edge device.

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