The following list contains recommendations for using Live Sense SDK in your applications.

  • Run recognition on a dedicated background thread.
    • Recognition can take hundreds of milliseconds depending upon the device and configuration, so avoid such calls on the UI thread.
    • For running multiple models in parallel, each model should have its own thread.
  • If you are facing lag in UI, call the LSModelManager#offerImage() method from a background thread.
  • Use one of the available object trackers to follow objects during intermediate frames.
  • Avoid large input images.
    • 640x480 is the recommended resolution for recognition of a full frame.
  • Start the minimum confidence for recognitions at 0.6 and adjust it based on your project's requirements.
    • It is recommended that you not go below 0.6 for your confidence threshold.
    • For more information on confidence values, see Models.
  • Only include ARM ABIs for release builds to reduce app size, unless x86 support is required for your application.

     android {
        buildTypes {
          release {
            ndk {
              abiFilters "arm64-v8a", "armeabi-v7a"

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